Week one


This evening is the first transmission of Electronic Ears and I wasn’t entirely confident in my use of the software for for putting the programme together or the rather slow PC it was running on. (Still, a bad workman and all that…) So, I’m going to write this post as I listen and see how it goes.

1. Autobahn by Kraftwerk – some domestic concern as to the advisability of opening with a ten minute track.

2. Messages by OMD

3. New Life by Depeche Mode

4. Replicas by Gary Numan

5. Empire by Hybrid

6. Back to Nature by Fad Gadget

7. Marianne by The Human League

8. Hand On My Heart by Shriekback – not on Spotify, criminally 😦

9. It’s A Sin by Pet Shop Boys

10. Official Colourbox World Cup Theme by Colourbox

11. Endgame by David Sylvian – also not on Spotify.

12. Hero by Neu!

13. Beautiful Love by Julian Cope – as requested by Chris Rawles

14. Here to Go (extended mix) by Cabaret Voltaire – this isn’t the version I played but is on Spotify.

15. Temporarily by Jim The Schoolgirl

16. What Time Is Love (LP mix) by The KLF – Oh come *on* Spotify

17. Bone Bomb by Brian Eno – 😦 again

18. Sympathy for the Devil (Dem Teufel Zugeneigt) by Laibach

19. Tinseltown to the Boogiedown by Scritti Politti – This is the version available on Spotify

20. Bug Powder Dust by Bomb The Bass – same old story 😦

21. Crazy In Love by Snow Patrol

22. Close (To The Edit) by The Art Of Noise

23. Atmosphere by Joy Division

Phew! It all worked OK, right down to the timing to segue with the news. Hurrah! Although I suspect more luck than judgement 🙂

All of the tracks that are available on Spotify can be heard on a playlist here.

Thanks to everyone who listened. Really. I’m very flattered.

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