Week three

Hello again!

Thanks for coming back. The tracklist for this week’s edition can be found below, with Spotify (or Youtube links, where available).

You can find a Spotify playlist for the available tracks here.

1. Info Freako by Jesus Jones

2. Finest Dreams by Richard X

3. Woman in Blue by Pepe Deluxe – although Spotify has this as ‘Before you leave’ :-/

4. Lovely Head by Goldfrapp

5. Shadow to Shadow by Carl Marsh – Not to be found anywhere 😦 Email me if you would like the MP3.

6. Foil by Autechre

7. The Stranger in Your Voice by The Associates (Youtube only). This was a request from the lovely Dean.

8. Chicago by Groove Armada

9. Die Mensch-Maschine by Kraftwerk – Only the English version available on Spotify, though.

10. Dream Within a Dream by Propaganda

Perfect segue into the news! *high fives self*

Oh. May have truncated the news. Oops!

11. Bonkers in Phoenix by The Fall

12. Drama! by Erasure

13. You’ll Never Understand by Mesh – I’m not sure this is the version I played.

14. Nowhere Girl by B-Movie

15. Breakdown by Michael Brook

16. Doubt by Delphic

17. Down in the Park by Jimi Tenor

18. Go! Go! by Furiku

19. Love Love Love by Jean Michel Jarre – Youtube, as I don’t think Jean Michel does Spotify :-/

20. Dissolving Time by H.U.V.A. Network

21. Prologue by Kate Bush – Youtube, as on Spotify you have to listen to the whole album, which, in fact, is no bad thing. Go on, it’s right here.

So, this week I have learnt that I need to observe the station’s “absolute time” because I managed to compress the news down to about ten seconds, this evening. Sorry, Indigo FM…

Anyway, thank you to those people that listened. I really am very flattered. I hope you’ll be back next week!

Thanks again and good night 🙂

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