Week six


Hello! And thank you very much for listening in to the show.

If music be the food of love, play on!

1. ‘XOYO‘ by The Passage.

2. ‘Lawn Chairs‘ by Our Daughter’s Wedding.

3. ‘Spaceman‘ by Babylon Zoo.

4. ‘It’s Summertime‘ by The Flaming Lips.

5. ‘Heart of Glass‘ by Blondie.

6. ‘Bodies‘ by Robbie Williams.

By the way, apologies once again for the burst of hiss at the end of each song. The voice mic compresses the sound so it boosts the white noise during the gap while I wait for the song to finish.

7. ‘Election Day‘ by Arcadia.

8. ‘Our Lady of the Angels‘ by The Durutti Column. (This isn’t the version I played, but it’s the only version on Spotify.)

9. ‘Always Forever Now‘ by Passengers.

10. ‘I heard Wonders‘ by David Holmes.

11. ‘99.9F‘ by Suzanne Vega.

12. ‘Barbarellas’ by The Devils. Sadly, I can’t find this on Spotify or YouTube. But you can buy the (excellent) album here.

13. ‘Expo 2000‘ by Kraftwerk.

14. ‘Shed Lustre’ by Russell Mills/Undark. Also not to be found on Spotify or YT but cam be bought here.

15. ‘Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams‘ by Tears for Fears (remix by Fluke). Didn’t think anyone would guess who it was but Danny Wheeler did.

16. ‘Strange Hours‘ by Recoil.

17. ‘Goodbye My Darling‘ by Sam Lee.

18. ‘I Travel‘ by Simple Minds. John Leckie’s 2012 remix.

19. ‘Falling‘ by The Wedding Present. Originally by Julee Cruies and used in Twin Peaks.

20. ‘Of Course I’m Lying‘ by Yello. Played at the request of my friend Tina.

21. ‘Way of the World‘ by Max Q.

22. ‘The Overload‘ by Talking Heads.

Once again, thank you for listening. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am. The presentation is, at best, idiosyncratic but I really hope you enjoyed the music. A playlist of the tracks that are available on Spotify can be found here.

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