Week nine


Welcome to Electronic Ears. Starting this week with a trio of pop tunes.

1. ‘Temptation‘ by Heaven 17.

2. ‘Kiss‘ by Prince.

3. ‘Dy-Na-Mi-Tee‘ by Ms Dynamite.

4. ‘I Can’t Stay Long‘ by Ultravox!

5. ‘Ambitious‘ by Wire.

6. ‘Prologue To The City Of Baghdad’ by The Zane Gray Incident. I’ll try and get a link to this on Soundcloud or something. Or you could ask Ashley Jones 🙂

7. ‘Clairvoyant Fortnight‘ by Knifeworld. There’s also a video here, which was made by Ash. This is actually the Ashley Jones section of the show 🙂

8. ‘Dogs Of Lust‘ by The The. As requested by @uwulise.

9. ‘Tchaparian‘ by Hot Chip.

10. ‘Everything In Its Right Place‘ by Radiohead.

11. ‘Regiment‘ by Brian Eno and David Byrne.

12. ‘The Cat Came Back‘ by Colin Reid. Not on Spotify but the link is to a video on Youtube of him playing it live.

13. ‘Elektro Kardiogramm‘ by Kraftwerk.

14. ‘Red‘ by Ed Alleyne-Johnson.

15. ‘The Dreaming‘ by Kate Bush.

16. ‘The Righteous Path‘ by Natacha Atlas.

17. ‘Basic Brian‘ by James.

18. ‘Walk Like An Egyptian‘ (live) by KT Tunstall.

19. ‘Bestial Cluster‘ by Mick Karn.

20. ‘American Beauty‘ by Thomas Newman. And this is the film it comes from.

21. ‘South Side‘ by Moby.

22. ‘Time It’s Time‘ by Talk Talk.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s listened and chatted to me on Twitter during the show. The Spotify playlist for the show is here.

Hope you’ll join me again next week. Goodnight! F x

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