Week ten

Hello! And good evening. Thank you for listening in.

Without further ado, here’s tonight’s playlist, with links wherever possible.

1. ‘The Walk‘ by The Cure. Hello to Nigel and Vanessa, former chairpeople of the Kingston Inter Sixth-form Society.

2. ‘Rent‘ by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.

3. ‘Poet Is Priest‘ by Julian Cope.

4. ‘All Lined Up‘ by Shriekback.

5. ‘Miss Sarajevo‘ by Passengers.

6. ‘Minotaur‘ by Sidi Bou Said. Myspace link kindly provided by Ashley Jones.

7. ‘Wahn‘ by Tangerine Dream, as requested by Tina.

8. ‘Err‘ by Michael Brook. This links to YouTube as it’s not available on Spotify.

9. ‘Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III and VII)‘/’The Romance of the Telescope‘ by OMD.

10. ‘Neonlicht‘ by Kraftwerk. N.B. The link is to the English version, ‘Neon Lights’.

11. ‘ABoneCroneDrone 3‘ by Sheila Chandra.

12. ‘Via Con Me‘ by Paolo Conte.

13. ‘I Feel You‘ (live) by Depeche Mode.

14. ‘Babylon Pearl‘ by Can. The link is to YouTube.

15. ‘5:15 The Angels Have Gone‘ by David Bowie.

16. ‘The Old At Rest‘ by B.E.F.

17. ‘Inspection (Check One)‘ by Leftfield.

18. ‘Hoppipolla‘ by Sigur Rós.

19. ‘Ode to Boy‘ by Yazoo.

20. ‘Seeing Out The Angel‘ by Simple Minds.

Thank you very much for listening. The songs that are available on Spotify are on a playlist here.

Hope you’ll be back next week. F x

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2 Responses to Week ten

  1. Ashley Jones says:

    Nice choices, as always.
    Minotaur is on that rickety old MySpace:

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