Week fourteen

Two interviewees in two weeks! This week it was my school chum, Nigel Ridpath, with whom I’ve recently become reacquainted. He is also a lover of electronic music, although favouring synthpop.

Nigel’s choices:

1. ‘Video Killed The Radio Star‘ by Buggles.

2. ‘Get The Balance Right‘ (original 12″) by Depeche Mode.

3. ‘Frustration‘ by Soft Cell.

4. ‘Don’t Go‘ (Re-remix) by Yazoo.

5. ‘Little Missile‘ by Mesh.

6. ‘Ghosts‘ by Japan.

7. ‘A Little Lie‘ by Dave Gahan.

8. ‘Terms of Alloy‘ by Quelle Proles.

9. ‘Drive Me‘ by Blancmange.

10. ‘Save A Prayer‘ by Duran Duran.

My choices:

11. ‘Trans Europa Express/ Metall Auf Metall/ Abzug‘ by Kraftwerk. (N.B. The links are to the English versions.)

12. ‘Hit The North Pt 1‘ by The Fall.

13. ‘I Have Known Love‘ by Silver Apples.

14. ‘Room‘ by Simple Minds.

15. ‘Tomorrow Never Knows‘ by The Beatles. (YouTube.)

The Spotify playlist for all this week’s tracks apart from The Beatles, can be found here.

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