Week sixteen


Welcome to the sixteenth broadcast of Electronic Ears. This week’s playlist can be found below.

1. ‘Halo‘ by Porcupine Tree.

2. ‘Reflections Are Protection‘ by La Roux. (YouTube link.)

3. ‘Dry The Rain‘ by The Beta Band.

4. ‘Pop Song‘ by David Sylvian.

5. ‘Kit And Holly‘ by Echoboy.

6. ‘When I Start To (Break It All Down)‘  by Erasure.

7. ‘Angel Dust‘ by New Order.

8. ‘Saint Tom‘ by Brian Eno. (YouTube link.)

9. ‘Love In Motion‘ by Sebastian (featuring Mayer Hawthorne). And as requested by @cazzarelly.

10. ‘Morale… You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling‘ by The Human League.

11. ‘Leysh Nat’arak‘ by Natacha Atlas.

12. ‘Das Model‘ by Kraftwerk. (I played the German version. The link is to the English version.)

13. ‘Arcadian‘ (Mogwai remix) by LINK.

14. ‘Shakin’ The Tree‘ by Youssou N’Dour.

15. ‘Me And You‘ by Egg Hunt.

16. ‘Round The Bend‘ by Sea Change.

17. ‘Drunken Galleon‘ by Walls. (YouTube link.)

18. ‘The Garden‘ by Einstürzende Neubauten.

19. ‘Hymn Of The Big Wheel‘ by Massive Attack.

20. ‘Pagan Poetry‘ (live) by Björk. (The link is to the studio version.)

The 17 tracks that are on Spotify can be found here.

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