Week seventeen

Hello! Another week, another fabby playlist. As usual, all the songs have links, either to Spotify, or if the song isn’t on there, to YouTube.

1. ‘Transmission‘ by Joy Division.

2. ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)‘ by Kate Bush.

3. ‘Frozen‘ by Madonna.

4. ‘Mirrorball‘ (Live) by Elbow. The link is to the version that I think was recorded at the iTunes festival. The version I played is here.

5. ‘Ashen Snow‘ by Dirty Three.

6. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll / Nightclubbing‘ by The Human League.

7. ‘Commodore Rock‘ by Ladytron.

8. ‘Grey Cell Green‘ by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

9. ‘Sign Your Name‘ by Terence Trent D’Arby.

10. ‘Spacelab‘ by Kraftwerk.

11. ‘The Race‘ by Yello. This link is to the Spotify version, not the glorious 13:29 version that you can hear by clicking here.

12. ‘Height Of The Fighting (He-La-Hu)‘ by Heaven 17.

13. ‘Cars (Variant)’ by To Rococo Rot. Not on Spotify and the (Variant) version isn’t on YouTube, just this version.

14. ‘Mass Production‘ by Iggy Pop.

15. ‘In Trance As Mission‘ by Simple Minds.

16. ‘Golden Age‘ by TV On The Radio.

17. ‘Down In The Park‘ by Tubeway Army.

18. ‘The Other Side Of Life‘ by Japan.

The Spotify playlist can be found just here.

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