Week twenty-one

I was away most of the week prior to the show and had no time to put together a platlist, so I asked Twitter for requests. And here they all are:

1. ‘Funky Town‘ by Lipps Inc.

2. ‘Mafich Arabi‘ by Banco De Gaia,

3. ‘Tragedy‘ by Steps.

4. ‘Electronic Performers‘ by Air.

5. ‘(This Is Not) A Love Song‘ by PiL.

6. ‘Bernard’s Song‘ by Outputmessage.

7. ‘America’s Boy‘ by Broadcast.

8. ‘Behave‘ by Frightened Rabbit.

9. ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1‘ by Flaming Lips.

10. ‘Tour de France‘ (2009 remaster) by Kraftwerk.

11. ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours‘ by Richard Hawley.

12. ‘Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key‘ by Billy Bragg and Wilco,

13. ‘A Shot In The Arm‘ by Wilco.

14. ‘Hold On (feat Sampha)‘ by Sbtrkt.

15. ‘Little Baby Nothing‘ by Manic Street Preachers.

16. ‘Loved By The Sun‘ by Tangerine Dream.

17. ‘Nothing Really Ends‘ by dEUS.

18. ‘Tinseltown In The Rain‘ by The Blue Nile.

19. ‘Only Shallow‘ by My Bloody Valentine.

20. ‘Childhood‘ by Dusted.

I really loved this show; brilliant choices. And they’re all on Twitter! Playlist here.

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