Week thirty-one

week 31

1. “Love Cascade” by Leisure Process [YouTube]

2. “German Shepherds” by Wire

3. “Disco Damaged Kid” by Polly Scattergood [YouTube]

4. “Black Water” by Apparat

5. “Yashar (Insurgent Mix)” by Cabaret Voltaire

6. “Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed” by Julian Cope

7. “Can You Hear Me” by Hybrid

8. “All Day Long” by New Order

9. “Bad Connection” by Yazoo

10. “Der Telefon Anruf” by Kraftwerk [YouTube]

11. “Same Time Tomorrow” by Laurie Anderson

12. “Faster Than Light” by Duran Duran – Singles

13. “Symmetry (with Phil Oakey)” by Little Boots

14. “Embedded” by Levitation

15. “Built To Last” by Maps

16. “Lay Your Hands On Me” by Peter Gabriel [YouTube]

17. “Def Con One – Including The Twilight Zone” by Pop Will Eat Itself

18. “Sign O The Times” by Prince

19. “Kiss Like Ether” by Claudia Brucken

20. “My Sex” by Ultravox

All of the tracks that are available on Spotify can be found on a playlist here.

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