Week thirty-nine

1. “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics

2. “Cantonese Boy” by Japan

3. “Sweat In Bullet (2002 Digital Remaster)” by Simple Minds

4. “Cards to Your Heart” by Groove Armada

5. “The Child Inside” by Depeche Mode

6. “Before Your Very Eyes…” by Atoms for Peace [YouTube]

7. “Lion’s Mouth (Daniel)” by Balthazar

8. “Bright Red” by Laurie Anderson

9. “Face Up” by New Order [YouTube]

10. “Love Reign Over Me” by David Holmes

11. “Life In The Manscape” by Wire

12. “Low Speed, 1952” by Otto Luening

13. “Where The Streets Have No Name” by Pet Shop Boys

14. “Destroy The Heart” by The House Of Love

15. “Grace Under Pressure” by Elbow

16. “Money For All” by Nine Horses

17. “Amulet” by Natacha Atlas

18. “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd

19. “I Don’t Cry (For You)” by Tenek

20. “Every Day Is Exactly The Same” by Nine Inch Nails

21. “La Nascita Delle Cose Segrete” by Ludovico Einaudi

All but three of the tracks played this week can be found on Spotify, and are available in a playlist here.

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