Week fifty-five

Screenshot 2014-04-14 at 12.36.58

1. ‘Headless Heroes of the Acropolis‘ by Baltic Fleet

2. ‘A.M.A.’ by Maps

3. ‘Spitfire‘ by Public Service Broadcasting

4. ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ by Carl Marsh

5. ‘The Sun Also Rises‘ by Delphic

6. ‘Chain‘ by School of Seven Bells

7. ‘Happiness‘ by The Blue Nile

8. ‘Dropped‘ by Atoms For Peace [YouTube]

9. ‘Londinium‘ by Archive

10. ‘It Could Be Sweet‘ by Portishead

11. ‘Noc Jest Dla Mnie‘ by Pezet

12. ‘Land, Sea And Air‘ by Appliance

13. ‘Therapie (Tadada)‘ by A.S. Swanski

14. ‘Pocket Full Of Change’ by Rain Tree Crow

15. ‘In McDonalds‘ by Burial

16. ‘Seen And Not Seen‘ by Talking Heads

17. ‘New Seeds‘ by Boards Of Canada

18. ‘Numb‘ by U2

19. ‘Qat Market‘ by Speed Caravan

20. ‘Hooray For Everything‘ by Shriekback

21. ‘Without You‘ by Junip

All but two of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify, and can be found in a playlist here.

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