Week fifty-seven

Screenshot 2014-04-14 at 13.00.38

1. ‘Release The Pressure‘ by Leftfield

2. ‘You Can’t Save ‘Em All‘ by Big Harp

3. ‘Crack of Doom [Explicit]‘ by The Tiger Lillies

4. ‘Oblivion‘ by Grimes

5. ‘Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi)‘ by Janelle Monáe

6. ‘Wilmot‘ by The Sabres Of Paradise

7. ‘Hold On‘ by Alabama Shakes

8. ‘Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby‘ by Javier Navarrete

9. ‘Northern Skies‘ by I Am Kloot

10. ‘Be Still‘ by The Killers

11. ‘Kehna Hi Kya (Bombay / Soundtrack Version)‘ by Chitra

12. ‘My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life As Blazing Shield Of Defiance And Optimism As Celestial Spear Of Action)‘ by The Flaming Lips

13. ‘If the World Ends‘ by Guillemots

14. ‘You Are Not Alone‘ by Mavis Staples

15. ‘Marienbad‘ by Julia Holter

16. ‘Blood is Big Expense‘ by Sweet Billy Pilgrim

17. ‘Put The Message In The Box‘ by World Party

All of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify and can be found in a playlist here.

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