Week sixty

Screenshot 2014-04-14 at 18.42.43

1. ‘Old Old Fashioned‘ by Frightened Rabbit

2. ‘Primitive (The Way I Treat You)‘ by Ambulance Ltd

3. ‘Postcard From 1952‘ by Explosions In the Sky

4. ‘Islands‘ by Arab Strap

5. ‘I Declare a Ceasefire‘ by My Latest Novel

6. ‘Asleep In The Back‘ by Elbow

7. ‘Pale Blue Eyes‘ by The Velvet Underground

8. ‘Simple Math‘ by Manchester Orchestra

9. ‘Mr. Peterson‘ by Perfume Genius

10. ‘Jesus Christ‘ by My Best Fiend

11. ‘Float On‘ by Modest Mouse

12. ‘Autumn Sweater‘ by Yo La Tengo

13. ‘Everything Reminds Me of Her‘ by Elliott Smith

14. ‘Medicine‘ by We Were Promised Jetpacks

15. ‘Dark Don’t Hide It‘ by Magnolia Electric Co.

16. ‘Boys Keep Swinging‘ by Hirsute Pursuit

17. ‘Song For Zula‘ by Phosphorescent

18. ‘Dead Against Smoking‘ by Admiral Fallow

All of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify and can be found in a playlist here.

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