Week sixty-four

Screenshot 2014-04-15 at 14.58.24

1. ‘Angeles‘ by Elliott Smith

2. ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again‘ by The Smiths

3. ‘Bright Yellow Gun‘ by Throwing Muses

4. ‘Caress‘ by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

5. ‘Come Together‘ by Spiritualized

6. ‘Comptine D’un Autre Été: L’après Midi‘ by Yann Tiersen

7. ‘Emily‘ by Stephen Fretwell

8. ‘Every Day Should Be A Holiday‘ by The Dandy Warhols

9. ‘Fugitive Motel‘ by Elbow

10. ‘The Ground Beneath Your Feet‘ by Stephen Fretwell

11. ‘Immigrant Song‘ by Led Zeppelin

12. ‘In My Head‘ by Queens Of The Stone Age

13. ‘Landed‘ by Ben Folds

14. ‘Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret‘ by Queens Of The Stone Age

15. ‘Lost Cause‘ by Beck

16. ‘Party Fears Two‘ by The Divine Comedy

17. ‘Race for the Prize‘ by The Flaming Lips

18. ‘Ray Of Light‘ by Madonna

19. ‘Sensations In The Dark‘ by Gruff Rhys

20. ‘Snowden‘ by Doves

21. ‘Utopia‘ by Goldfrapp

22. ‘Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key‘ by Billy Bragg & Wilco

23. ‘We Can Be Strong‘ by Willy Mason

24. ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1‘ by The Flaming Lips

All of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify, and can be found in a playlist here.

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2 Responses to Week sixty-four

  1. Hi Fenner, Lou sent me the link to your web radio station. What a fantastic selection of music! I love pretty much everything you’ve played! I’m a huge fan of late 70′s and 80′s UK bands myself. It was the time I was going to see bands pretty much 2-3 times a week. Punk/Post-punk and Industrial music are my favorites hands down. Spent so many hours listening to John Peel’s late night show 4 times a week. Taped so much from that show…
    Great site Fenner. Cheers James (Lou’s husband)

    • Thanks, James, that’s really kind of you. I still manage to get to a gig every few weeks: lots of good bands and venues in and around Manchester at the moment.

      If you fancy coming on the show some time to talk about music and play some of your favourite songs, you’d be very welcome.


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