Week sixty-six


1. ‘Paper House‘ by The Associates

2. ‘I Follow You‘ by Melody’s Echo Chamber

3. ‘Parallel Action‘ by Arve Henriksen

4. ‘Third Stone From The Sun‘ by Jimi Hendrix

5. ‘Public Image‘ by Public Image Ltd.

6. ‘Ruins’ by Portico Quartet

7. ‘Sunday Sun‘ by Beck

8. ‘Constantly Changing‘ by Young Marble Giants

9. ‘The Golden Age‘ by Woodkid

10. ‘Fearless Like Yourself‘ by Uncle Roman’s Jetboat

11. ‘Afternoon‘ by Baxter Dury

12. ‘My Girls‘ by Animal Collective

13. ‘Disturbo Charger‘ by Honolulu Mountain Daffodils [YouTube]

14. ‘Photon‘ by Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory

15. ‘Where The Love Is‘ by The Sound

16. ‘Í Gær‘ by Sigur Rós

17. ‘Zebra‘ by Beach House

18. ‘The Rip‘ by Portishead

19. ‘Fear of the Dark‘ by Scars [YouTube]

20. ‘Duel‘ by Propaganda

21. ‘Moon On My Mind‘ by Frankie Rose

22. ‘Gaze‘ by Suuns

All but two of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify, and can be found in a playlist here

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