Week sixty-seven


1. ‘Valentina (2011 – Remaster)‘ by Komputer

2. ‘Every Day Is Exactly The Same‘ by Nine Inch Nails

3. ‘Oba, Lá Vem Ela‘ by Junip

4. ‘Sun Hands‘ by Local Natives

5. ‘Jubilee Street‘ by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

6. ‘Retrograde‘ by James Blake

7. ‘Coast Is Clear‘ by Curve

8. ‘Ghost Of Old Lizzy Southerns Returns‘ by 1612 Underture

9. ‘Pilots‘ by Goldfrapp

10. ‘White City (2009 Digital Remaster)‘ by Thomas Dolby

11. ‘The Feeling Begins (2002 Digital Remaster)‘ by Peter Gabriel [YouTube]

12. ‘Silverside‘ by Autechre

13. ‘Something Heavens‘ by H.U.V.A. Network

14. ‘Lusty‘ by Lamb

15. ‘Over Theirs‘ by Wire

16. ‘Mercy Street‘ by Peter Gabriel [YouTube]

17. ‘She’s Got Claws‘ by Gary Numan

18. ‘Dance Hall Days (Album Version)‘ by Wang Chung

19. ‘Goodbye Sun Valley‘ by The Colourfield

All but two of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify and can be found in a playlist here.

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