Week sixty-eight

Screenshot 2014-06-26 at 10.27.57

1. ‘The Queen Is Dead (Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty)‘ by The Smiths

2. ‘Music: Response‘ by The Chemical Brothers

3. ‘Only After Dark‘ by The Human League

4. ‘Heliosphan‘ by Aphex Twin

5. ‘State Of The Nation‘ by New Order

6. ‘Hurt (Album Version)‘ by Nine Inch Nails

7. ‘No Need for A Leader‘ by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

8. ‘This Fear Of Gods (Live 5×5 2012 Tour)‘ by Simple Minds

9. ‘An Ending (Ascent)‘ by Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno

10. ‘Crying My Heart Out (Original Mix)‘ by Young Galaxy

11. ‘Trains‘ by Porcupine Tree

12. ‘Courage (Radio Edit)‘ by Peter Gabriel [YouTube]

13. ‘Nothing Else‘ by Archive

14. ‘Natural Blues‘ by Moby

15. ‘International Dateline‘ by Ladytron

16. ‘Hunter And The Hunted (Live 5×5 2012 Tour)‘ by Simple Minds

17. ‘Dime Store Mystery‘ by Lou Reed

18. ‘Once Is Too Much for Me’ by Carl Marsh

All but two of the tracks played this week are available on Spotify and can be found on a playlist here.

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