Hiatus #electronicears

Sometime around June 2012 I broadcast the first ever programme of Electronic Ears. Since then, I’ve broadcast another 91. I’ve had some excellent guests including Damian Scott,  David Hawkins, Nigel Ridpath, Jon Allen, Dean Philips, Jools Wilson, Neil Bowness, and, of course, the Minx. I’ve also done a few requests shows, played Christmas songs in both of the Decembers since I started and even done a couple of shows dedicated to a single artist: one for Nick Cave and David Sylvian.

Along the way, there have been a few weeks when I didn’t broadcast: once when I couldn’t make the time but usually because we had some technical issues at Indigo FM. Ah, Indigo. To describe it as a cottage industry would be to imply that there was more than the one room at the radio station. To be honest, its more of a shed, albeit one built of stone. The kit is old and the network is flaky but I’ve enjoyed doing the shows and particularly putting the playlists together.

Earlier this year we nearly went off air for good due to a problem with renewing the licence with Ofcom but that was all sorted and everything seemed back on track. However, a misunderstanding about how the licence works has now put the station in a state whereby it’s no longer allowed to broadcast. Ho hum.

So, I think I have three choices:

  1. Stop doing the show. I’m not keen on this one.
  2. Start broadcasting myself. I’m looking into this.
  3. Take up the invitation of a radio station over in Barrow. It has – I’m told – 6,000 listeners and, for reasons that are not entirely clear (or explicable)  they are interested in taking on Electronic Ears. I’m looking into this, too.

Thank you to everyone has very listened to date: I do hope you enjoyed it. During this hiatus we’ll get the website up to date (we’re 20 playlists behind!) and I’ll also try and get the podcasts of the already transmitted shows sorted out.

Thanks again,

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