Week eighty-four


  1. New Dimensions in Sound‘ by Public Service Broadcasting
  2. Test Drive‘ by Eat Lights, Become Lights
  3. Material Girl‘ by Madonna
  4. Satin Chic (Through the Mystic Mix)‘ by Goldfrapp ft. The Flaming Lips
  5. Please Read the Letter‘ by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
  6. Hollywood‘ by Cluster
  7. Slow Roller‘ by Slow Roller DJ?
  8. We Disappear‘ by Jon Hopkins
  9. We Do What We’re Told‘ by Peter Gabriel
  10. The Art of Parties‘ by Japan
  11. Radioactivity‘ by Kraftwerk (William Orbit Mix) [YouTube]
  12. Ballad of a Deadman‘ by The White Buffalo
  13. Evil‘ by Interpol
  14. Rocker USA‘ by Suicide
  15. League of Nations‘ by Simple Minds
  16. Get Out of My House‘ by Kate Bush
  17. Not Sensitive‘ by Moby
  18. Lines from the Library‘ by Shriekback [YouTube]
  19. Stay Lit‘ by Holy Fuck
  20. Drone Logic‘ by Daniel Avery

Most of the songs played this week are available on Spotify, and can be found in a handy playlist here.

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