Electronic Ears is programme transmitted on Cando FM, hosted by me, Fenner.

The show typically consists of me playing lots of songs I like and then rambling in between them with anecdotes and hald-remembered facts. But occasionally I have guests on or do a requests show.

It goes out from 7pm to 9pm on Sunday evenings and I find the best way to listen to it is using the TuneIn Radio app, which seems to work across most platforms. Just search for Cando FM.

But you can also hear the show at this web address www.candofm.co.uk or using one of the following links to listen via an application:

Winamp Winamp
Windows Media Player Windows Media Player
RealPlayer Real Player
Quicktime Quicktime

Additionally, you can also use this app if you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad. (Thanks to Andy for that.)

If you have any kind suggestions or requests, please email me here.

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